Kit Harington – “Testament of Youth”

Kit Harington – “Testament of Youth”

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A long, long time ago, back in the spring of 1914, they were so happy together. There was Vera Brittain, an upper class girl with ideas of her own; and her bright brother Edward; and his group of friends among whom Roland Leighton (Kit Harington), wonderful, handsome, sensitive Roland Vera had fallen for… Always having great times together talking, laughing, exchanging ideas, walking, eating, swimming together; all of them envisioning the glittering future they deserved: Vera, despite her father’s opposition, would study at Oxford, marry Roland and be a famous writer; Roland, as for him, would be acclaimed as a great poet while Edward and his friends would each become a prominent figure in his respective field… But then came that fateful day on 4 August 1914 when Britain declared war on Germany. All those beautiful dreams were to be shattered one after the other. All except one: Vera wound up becoming a writer… A writer but a pacifist as well. Written by Guy Bellinger

Down the long white road we walked together. Down between the grey hills and the heather. You seemed all brown and soft, just like linnet. Your errant hair had shadowed sunbeams in it. And there shone all April in your eyes.

Divided by war. United by love.


Alicia Vikander Alicia Vikander
Taron Egerton Taron Egerton
Colin Morgan Colin Morgan
Dominic West Dominic West
Emily Watson Emily Watson
Kit Harington Kit Harington


Our Verdict:

Be prepared to get your heart crushed, not only by Kit’s and Alicia’s powerful performance but also by the envitable heartbreak a war brings to everyone involved. Based on a true story this serves as a powerful reminder that war changes lives forever.

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